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About Our Company

Naturel Healing - Bioresonance therapy centreAt Naturel Healing, we offer Bioresonance therapy as the effective, safe and natural alternative treatment of choice.

Bioresonance therapy is the most popular treatment in countries where alternative therapies are recognised and practiced.  These include Germany and many other parts of the world.  And no wonder, as it is based on the award-winning Theory of Quantum Physics, and combines the best of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy.

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Effective Treatments Using Bioresonance Therapy

Autism Treatment

Autism is a mysterious illness that has long baffled the medical community. An almost always permanent condition...

ADHD/ Hyperactivity Treatment

  Hyperactivity is also known as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity...

Allergies Treatment

An allergy is an adverse immune system reaction to a substance that most people find harmless. Allergies can...

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