Bioresonance therapy in progressAt Naturel Healing, we believe in the natural healing and self-regulating system of our body via electromagnetic oscillations to detox and restore the energy system. We take pride in what we do and our greatest joy is to see our customers’ health being improved; and in some cases, totally restored.

Here are some excerpts of what our customers are saying…



“Previously, my child was not able to keep still for even ten minutes. With the dedicated care and treatment, my child was able to last longer each session. With a multi-pronged approach, my child showed significant improvement after ten sessions of treatment. Even his teachers remarked at his positive changes.” – Joanne Ng

“She is now able to speak some simple words and sing a few songs on her own without any intervention. Another observation is that her speech is getting clearer and we can understand what she is saying. In the past, we hardly understand her words at all.”  – Kent Lee

“We brought him for Bioresonance therapy and we can see the positive changes.  He has not had any relapse till today. He is also able to show his affection towards the people around him, especially his family members. He can vocalize a few words such as greetings to people.”  – Stephen Chua

“I want a long term cure for my eczema. I believe our body has the ability to heal itself. Bioresonance therapy helps to cure my condition naturally. Together with a healthy diet, the healing process was accelerated. After my allergies were identified, I try to eat healthily and have lost 8kg since.” – Fazidah

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