Autism & ADHD

Mr & Mrs Yee SF – Parents of Ryan Yee, Male, 4 years old

I was introduced to this treatment by my colleague who had read about it in a local magazine. Knowing that my boy was diagnosed with ASD, she encouraged me to give it a try. I signed up for treatment with Naturel Healing in Oct 2009.

During the course of treatment, we were advised on the kinds of food which were not beneficial to Ryan’s condition and to avoid them. Upon completion of the first full course of treatment, Ryan showed signs of improvement and is more attentive in his daily activities. Since then, we have signed up for two more courses to further reinforce the results achieved in the first round.

In addition to the treatments, we have also sourced more information to understand the importance of detoxification in ASD.

Ryan has been attending a Special School in the morning and a normal preschool in the afternoon since Jan 2009. In the recent school review session, the teachers have commented he has made great improvement in his class and is always the role model for the rest of the kids.

We are happy for him and hope the treatments will continue to benefit him and other ASD children.


Joanne – Mother to male child with ADHD

The greatest joy of every parent is to be able to see their children grow up healthily. I am no exception. I was disappointed that my simple wish could not be fulfilled when my child was diagnosed with ADHD.

When he was much younger, my child was no different from other children, perhaps just a little hyperactive and impatient. When he turned two, I sent him to a childcare centre and his hyperactive nature began to create a lot of problems for the teachers. I often received complaints over the phone and was asked to meet his teachers. I also had to apologise frequently to other parents for my child’s misbehaviour.

The teachers often told us that our child has problems concentrating in class. He was also overly-active, had poor self-restraint and frequently bullied other children. They suspected that my child might have ADHD and advised me to bring him to the doctor soon. Initially, I was not able to accept that my child is different from others. However, the incessant complaints started to wear me down to the point I just have to accept that he is indeed different.

I planned to bring my child to KK Hospital for further check-ups and went to the General Practitioner to get a referral letter. To my horror, I was told to wait another six months before I can get an appointment!  I was afraid the delay might worsen his condition, so I went on the internet to search for more information on ADHD.

Perhaps Heaven did not give up on us.  I found information on Bioresonance therapy and many positive testimonials on the web. In the hope that my child will be able to lead a normal life, I decided to give it a try.

The qualified Bioresonance therapist did a comprehensive check-up for my child and explained his condition to me. My child has excessive heavy metal in his body, which resulted in imbalance in his brain. Thereafter, I signed up for a treatment package of ten sessions. In addition to the therapy, the therapist also gave me advice on supplements and diet adjustments to complement the treatment and to enhance its effectiveness.

Previously, my child was not able to keep still for even ten minutes. With the dedicated care and treatment, my child was able to last longer each session. With a multi-pronged approach, my child showed significant improvement after ten sessions of treatment. Even his teachers remarked at his positive changes. This was a great encouragement to me.

I decided to sign up for another ten sessions of treatment. Now, my child is able to learn and play together with his peers. His memory and learning capability have also become exceptionally strong. Thank you, Bioresonance therapy, for giving me joy once again!


Translated from original testimonial in Chinese

Testimony from Joanne Ng (Mother of child with ADHD)


Kent Lee – Father of Lee Jia Yng, Female

Hi morning,

I would like to feedback my observation on my daughter, Lee Jia Yng before and after the bioresonance therapy treatment since Oct ’09.

Year before she attended this therapy, her behaviour in public can be disturbing to others in event whereby she will throw her temper easily if her needs are not met. She rarely gives eye contact to others (not even to people close to her) and she doesn’t speak any words.

Things started to improve after a few rounds of this therapy last year. She becomes more alert to people approaching her and is able to react to certain simple commands, even if there is no eye contact. In public, her behaviour is getting better and less demanding other than her favourite candy and sweet.

She is now able to speak some simple words and sing a few songs on her own without any intervention. Another observation is that her speech is getting clearer and we can understand what she is saying. In the past, we hardly understand her words at all. In some children educational programs, she is also able to respond to it and perform some acts she saw on the TV.

We understand that her heavy metal, ie vaccine, mercury level and various viruses in her body is cleared and is happy to see Jia Yng improving her condition day by day. Lastly, we hope Jia Yng can continue to receive biomedical treatment to improve her condition.

Kent Lee (Jia Yng’s father)

Original Testimonial

Testimonial from Kent Lee (Father of Autistic child)