Chromosomal Disorder


Stephen Chua – Father to Chua Wai Heng, Male, 11 years old

Wai Heng was diagnosed with “18q deletion”, a rare chromosomal disorder.

Physically, he is small-built compared to his peers. His mental development is very slow, with speech diability and mild to severe hearing loss. His general health condition was also suffering due to weak immunity. He has behavioural problems and is always throwing tantrums at home as well as in the public.

I remembered that in 2006, he was admitted to hospital three times with each stay lasting 4-6 days. It was due to infection – infection in the blood, bacteriamia as well as urinary tract infection. In 2007, there was another episode. In 2011, he started to have acid reflux and there were three occurrences. He had to stay at KK Hospital for medical treatment and was prescribed expensive medication. The latest was in Feb 2013, just after Chinese New Year. Needless to say, his medical condition also disrupted the family routine.

We brought him for Bioresonance therapy and we can see the positive changes. He has not had any relapse till today. He is also able to show his affection towards the people around him, especially his family members. He can vocalize a few words such as greetings to people. He is also sleeping well as he goes to bed at 9pm and wakes up at 7am everyday.

The therapist also gave us guidance and advice on his diet. Bioresonance therapy has helped Wai Heng in clearing toxins, heavy metals, mercury from his body. It has helped his intestinal acid reflux and central nervous system, improving his general health. We will continue with his treatment at Naturel Healing.