The Science Behind the Treatment

Did you know that the human body is a source of electrical vibration?  And that this vibration exists not only in the body or its surface but is also distributed into its surrounding space?

Exposure to toxins such as heavy metals, chemicals and infections alters the harmonious communication within the body.  Coupled with an undesirable diet or a lifestyle of smoking and stress, the body gets weakened.  The impaired immune system becomes susceptible to viruses, bacteria and diseases.

Every cell and body part has its own specific electromagnetic wave frequency pattern.  In a sick body, the wave frequency patterns of foreign substances like viruses, bacteria, allergens and chemicals interfere with the normal wave frequency pattern.  To restore the body back to equilibrium, these disturbing frequencies must be cancelled out.

In Bio-Resonance, a device is used to analyse the patient’s electromagnetic waves, so as to normalize energetic imbalances. Restoring order to the body’s energy can bring relief to multiple conditions ranging from allergies, asthma, eczema to even autoimmune conditions and cancer.


BICOM Optima Technology

Safe, painless and non-invasive, BioResonance treatment utilizes the latest technology from Regumed Gmbh, Germany – the BICOM Optima.

Bioresonance Therapy Machine - BICOM Optima

Although relatively new to Asia,   it is already widely used by doctors in Germany and other parts of Europe.   The theory of Bioresonance is based on Quantum Physics supported and proven by Carlos Rubia (Nobel Prize winner, 1984) and RP Feynman, J Schwinger, S Tomonaga (Nobel Prize winner in Physics, 1965).

Combining principles from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy, the BICOM Optima is a powerful machine that can diagnose and treat stresses on the body.


Benefits of Bioresonance

Bioresonance treatment does not simply treat the symptoms but guides the body to activate its health through detoxification and elimination of harmful substances.

When the body’s health is restored, it will be able to better absorb nutrients into the cellular level and create the best conditions for self-repair.

In short, a long-term solution, rather than a superficial one.


Is It Safe?

Bioresonance is well tolerated in the majority of cases, and is suitable for all, regardless of age.  We have patients ranging from ages 3 to 78.

Best of all, it is non-invasive, painless and drug-free – a definite welcome especially for patients who are on long-term medication for chronic illnesses.

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