Our Treatments

Therapist doing bioresonance treatment for patientWe believe that the human body has an innate ability to repair itself.  But this is possible only when the body is in tune and its environment is conducive.


Diagnosis – Uncover the Real Cause

To treat any illness, one must first investigate the root cause.

On your first visit, you will undergo a comprehensive diagnostic test.  During this painless procedure, the therapist checks for the presence of intolerance, toxins, chemicals and their impact on the body.  The health condition of various organs is also assessed.


Treatment – What to Expect

“Painless, and even pleasant” – that’s how our customers describe our treatment procedures.  Not only that, Bioresonance treatments are safe and drug-free, with no side-effects.

During treatment, you will sit reclined on a comfortable chair. Electrodes are placed at various parts of the body to gather information on its electromagnetic frequency waves.  This information is then sent to a device which alters the negative frequencies into healing frequencies and feeds back to the patient.

Each treatment lasts 60-90 minutes.  You are to abstain from alcohol and caffeinated drinks before and after the treatment.  No other dietary restrictions are required.