Allergies & Ezcema

Muhammad Syafiq Bin Ali – Male, 18 years old

A few years back, I was diagnosed with eczema, a skin condition which causes my skin to be irritated and at most times itch.

I consulted many doctors and took different kinds of medication but they only worked temporarily for me. Often, at night, I would not be able to sleep as my skin became extremely itchy.  This also affected how I perform in school the next day.

After browsing the internet, I came across a treatment called Bioresonance therapy.  I decided to give it a try at Naturel Healing as I understand that it does not involve any medication and no chemicals are applied to the skin. In the past, I was given creams that contain steroids in them and this had thinned my skin over time.

This is my third year undergoing Bioresonance treatment with Naturel Healing and I can see a lot of difference in the condition of my skin. For one, my skin does not itch at night which meant that I was not kept awake in the wee hours of the morning.

In the past, I often face difficulty walking as my eczema is located on the soles of my foot.  After undergoing a few sessions of Bioresonance, my skin “patched” or healed faster and I felt more comfortable walking.

Today, I am no longer badly affected by my skin condition and am satisfied with the improvements. I am still undergoing treatment at Naturel Healing as I feel more comfortable with this method of treatment.


Fazidah – Female, 36 years old

I first came to Naturel Healing in Jan 2013 to treat my food allergy and childhood eczema. At that time, I had rashes on my whole body. I was also feeling very stressed and was suffering from post-natal weight gain.

I am a believer in natural or alternative healing. I have been seeing one specialist after another since I was seven years old. Taking drugs and applying creams on my body just did not help my condition. They merely hide the disease for a while, making it disappear before surfacing again. This is not the cure I’m looking for.

I want a long-term cure for my eczema. I believe our body has the ability to heal itself. Bioresonance therapy helps to cure my condition naturally. Together with a healthy diet, the healing process was accelerated. After my allergies were identified, I try to eat healthily and have lost 8kg since.

Besides losing weight, I am able to sleep better now. I also have clearer skin.  I am happy that Bioresonance therapy has identified my allergies. Now I know what to avoid when making diet choices.


Judith – Female, 9 years old

Dear Dr Eddy,

Thank you for taking care of me, taking away my itchiness as the best as you can, and using all your energy to take care of your patients, even though you’re tired.

I love you because you are the greatest doctor I’ve ever seen and you are the only special doctor that I had never imagined.

So, that is why I wrote this letter, so that it will (make) you feel happy and for the future you shall work harder for your family and shall be wise. I wish you for health, wisdom, strength, love and patience as well as your family.

I wish you all the best and will have a good day everyday.

20 Feb 16

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